Grooming Guide - How to groom a Labrdoodle - Pet Trim - Pro Groomer


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Get Your I Love My Golden Doodle Tee Shirt Click Here Watch Sue Pratt take you step-by-step through grooming a Labradoodle. The pet trim on this Labradoodle is designed to be practical and easily maintained for the owners, while still retaining the cute and fluffy look of the Labradoodle. To achieve this the body has been clipped on a 10mm comb attachment and the same comb attachment has been used on the top and sides of the face. The rest of the head, legs and tail are then scissored, using chunkers and straight scissors, to produce a nicely balanced trim. The groin, armpits and hair under the ears are clipped short to help prevent matting in what are common problem areas for owners to keep knot free. Longer comb attachments can be used for a fluffier look and you can trim the body closer using up to a 7F blade if needed, however care should be taken to ensure legs blend well into a short length body.


Get Your I Love My Golden Doodle Tee Shirt Click Here

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